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Remember how I resolved to buy no new (non-thrifted) clothing this year? Well, I’ve kept to that resolution… except for when it comes to

I am in love.

Seamly, founded by Kristen Glenn and funded through a Kickstarter campaign, produces sustainable, made-in-the U.S. clothing.

Screen Shot 2014-07-05 at 7.17.23 PM

I don’t remember how I first heard about the company, but when I started flipping through the catalogue, I was…

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Midway through this past brutal winter, I saw what looked like a healthy kale plant emerging from under a cover of snow. Never mind the many days below freezing or the sleet — this plant, harvested in fall, managed to produce new leaves and survive one of the region’s harshest winters in recent memory. In awe of its hardiness, I let the plant grow through spring, flower, and go to seed.


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Two new jobs, whew. Hopefully I’ll get back into a pattern of regular posting. Until then, here are some interesting things I’ve found around the web.

I can't help but share my favorite sign of spring: fresh garden peas!

I can’t help but share my favorite sign of spring: fresh garden peas!

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Sharing or selling, what’s the difference?

In a new piece on Medium, Susie Cagle explores the true impacts of the “sharing economy,” which in its current iteration looks more like “disaster capitalism,” she says, than a true effort at equity. Airbnb, Lyft, Ebay and other companies have made millions and billions providing platforms through which people can “share” what they no longer want or…

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I need to head out to the garden I manage (as my newish part-time job), but instead of getting ready, I’m sitting on my bed with the fan blowing in my face and thinking big overwhelming thoughts about what it means to be a human in the world.

How exactly are we supposed to build community and be there for each other when our jobs force us to break down communities by mindlessly following the…

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Tutorial: Re-grow Your Herbs Indoors

Spring has sprung and the garden is clearly growing, but many herbs haven’t quite gotten themselves into gear. If you’re hoping for a more bountiful harvest, want to fill in some garden space, or would just like more greenery in your home, this how-to is for you. Bonus: you’ll never have to buy herbs from the grocery store again.

Though most herbs will regrow from cut stems, I’m using sage, mint,…

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In the spirit of making this blog more useful and informative, I’m creating new categories of posts. Read on below to see how the blog’s topics will be transformed.

What’s Cooking?


All things food, including zero waste recipes, ways to reuse kitchen scraps, and time saving ideas for the kitchen.

Around the Web

A revamped Friday Five, “Around the Web” will look at environmental and social…

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Urban Agriculture is a Force to be Reckoned With


Ever since the days warmed up, I’ve been spending all of my time outside. I have a new job working at an urban garden, and it started me thinking about different, more social ways of going zero waste. Namely, I’ve been thinking about urban agriculture. The process of growing and distributing food in an urban (aka highly populated) place, urban agriculture combines a couple of my interests and…

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For Earth Day, a new ‘R’ – Renovation

I started trying to reduce my waste at the absolute worst time. After college, a few friends and I decided to move into my grandparents’ former home, which was still filled with their possessions and in disrepair. With no jobs lined up and plenty of free time on our hands, we traded our first year’s rent in exchange for fixing up the place.

Although it took some time before we could move in,…

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Tomatoes, peppers and eggplants!